Published Work

Working papers

  1. (2022) Norms Formation: The Gold Rush and Women’s Roles (with Anja Benshaul-Tolonen) – Under Review
  2. (2022) Inside the black box of child penalties (with Eva Arceo-Gomez and Elia de la Cruz Toledo) – Under Review. Recipient of the 2020 Victor Urquidi Economic Research Award
  3. (2022) Thermal stress and financial distress: Extreme temperatures and firms’ loan defaults in Mexico (with Emilio Gutierrez, David Heres, David Jaume, and Martín Tobal)- Under Review RedNIE Working Paper
    Media coverage: World Bank
  4. (2020) Follow the Leader? Public Health Messaging and Containment of Mobility During a Pandemic (with Eva Arceo-Gomez, Elia de la Cruz-Toledo and Pedro Torres) Selected for participation in the UNDP LAC COVID-19 Policy Documents Series and the UNDP Regional Human Development Report 2020

Selected work in progress

  1. Adaptation and mitigation of air pollution: Evidence from air quality warnings
  2. Heat waves and hospital overcrowding (with Joshua Graff Zivin and Matthew Neidell)
  3. Environmental justice in Colombia (with Juan Camilo Cárdenas and Ricardo Salas)

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